Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards was a preacher, leader, author, husband, and father. All of these things he was very successful at. He is known to be “America’s most important and original philosophical theologian” [] In 1716, Edwards entered Yale College. This is where he was introduced to what became his biggest influence: the writing of John Locke. … More Jonathan Edwards


Olaudah Equiano

Oladuah Equiano was a large part in history because he helped to ban the Slave trade in America. Equiano and his sister were captured in his home by two men and a women, and sold into slavery. After a few months of being held captive Equiano was separated from his sister and was put on a … More Olaudah Equiano

Edward Taylor

Edward Taylor was a pastor of a church in Westfield, MA in 1600s-1700s. He was born in England in 1642. He went o the new world in hopes of being able to practice his own religion because if he had stayed in England then he would have been forced to become and Anglican, so he … More Edward Taylor

Anne Bradstreet

Anne Bradstreet was not your average woman during the 1650’s . Anne was a writer, during this age in time a woman as a writer was thought to be unladylike. Anne Bradstreet was similar to the Black Widow superhero in many ways. Both the Black Widow and Anne were extremely brave in taking on a job … More Anne Bradstreet

Mary Rowlandson

Mary Rowlandson is most well known for ” The Narrative of the Captivity and the Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson”, a book about experiences with the Indians. She tells about how they invaded the Rowlandson Garrison  and how they killed many of her family members including her brother-in-law and daughter. Rowlandson was then held captive by the … More Mary Rowlandson

John Winthrop

John Winthrop was a very talented writer that will be remembered forever because of his writing content and skills. Winthrop was a leader and congressman that did his job very well and did his job with a purpose. The iconic super hero “The Hulk” is also known for being a leader. The Hulk could cause … More John Winthrop

William Bradford

William Bradford was born in March 1590. He is known today for his many adventures he had forsaken on. Professor Charles Francis Xavier is a fictional character who stated and leads a group called the X-Men. Even though one of these two men is a fictional character, the both have some common traits that make … More William Bradford

John Smith

Mikayla VanHoose We know John Smith today because of the legacy he left in the stories he told of his adventurous life. John Smith was a leader not only in England, his native country, but in America as well. Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, created a legacy by building a super suit with … More John Smith